How is Brexit affecting you? Contribute to our podcast, Brexit Unspun

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Brexit Unspun is a Financial Times podcast that looks beyond the slogans and grandstanding to examine what Brexit will really mean for Britain and for you. We want your thoughts and stories to help inform our second series. How is Brexit affecting your job, your business or your personal life? What questions do you have? And what topics do you think are not getting enough coverage?

Share your thoughts below. If we would like to include them, our producer will contact you. We may want to record you telling your story or asking your question.


Tell us your story -- how is Brexit affecting you, your job or your business?

What question would you like to ask a panel of Brexit experts?

Is there a specific FT journalist or external voice that you'd be interested to hear from on the podcast?

Is there anything else you’d like us to discuss?

For example, is there anything about Brexit that you think should receive more coverage?

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